Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information Obtained via the Web Site of Suga Weathering Technology Foundation

Suga Weathering Technology Foundation respects the privacy of users. The Web site operated by Suga Weathering Technology Foundation upholds Japanese laws regarding the protection of personal information. We handle personal information with discretion, and operate our site on the basis of the policy stated below.

1. Use of Personal Information

In principle, Suga Weathering Technology Foundation uses the personal information of users to provide information on our activities to users or to improve our activities. In the event that a user does not wish to receive information on our activities, we will cease the provision of information upon request from the user. The use of the personal information of users obtained through this Web site for purposes other than the above, which are clearly stated in advance, shall not be other than for the stated purpose.

2. Non-disclosure to Third Parties

Suga Weathering Technology Foundation does not disclose or provide the personal information supplied by users to any third parties, except in the circumstances stated below.
(1) When the user has given consent.
(2) When disclosure of personal information is required by law, Suga Weathering Technology Foundation shall provide the information to the relevant government agencies only.

3. Alterations to Registered Information

When a user requests the alteration, confirmation, correction or deletion of the personal information registered about the user by the user, Suga Weathering Technology Foundation shall use appropriate methods to make the alterations only after confirming that the request has been made either by the user or by a party subcontracted by the user.

4. Security

Suga Weathering Technology Foundation shall take all reasonable and appropriate security measures for preventing illegal, outside access to personal information and the loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information in order to ensure the secure management of the personal information of user. Suga Weathering Technology Foundation will also appoint an information manager and make all efforts to manage information in an appropriate manner as well as establishing regulations on the security of information and ensuring that all staff are aware of the regulations.

5. Changes to the Policy

Suga Weathering Technology Foundation will review and amend the abovementioned policy on the handling of the personal information of users in accordance with relevant legislative amendments.

Term of Use

Conditions for use of this site To access the website of Suga Weathering Technology Foundation( you must first read and agree to the following conditions. These conditions are subject to change without notice. Please ensure that you are viewing the latest version.

1. Copyrights and other rights

(1)Copyrights and other rights pertaining to documents, images, designs, trademarks and logos, etc., shown on the site belong to Suga Weathering Technology Foundation or other holders of those rights. The unauthorized reproduction, transmission, distribution, modification or deletion, etc., of these materials, except as allowed under the Copyright act (such as printing or storage for personal use) would infringe these rights. Before using the materials, it is therefore necessary to contact Suga Weathering Technology Foundation and obtain prior permission. Please note that in some cases permission may be declined.
(2)When using data, etc., from this site, please do not modify or delete copyright notices.


(1)The site includes links to other websites. Suga Weathering Technology Foundation will accept no liability concerning the content of these other websites.
(2)Before establishing a link to the site, please notify the site administrator. The absence of a response from the site administrator does not signify approval by Suga Weathering Technology Foundation for the establishment of a link.
(3)Please notify the site administrator in advance in the event of major changes to the content of websites that are linked to the site.
(4)Links to the site from other websites should normally be set to the top page of the site (
(5)Suga Weathering Technology Foundation declines to accept links from websites that currently or potentially fall into any of the following categories.
①Links from sites that disparage or insult Suga Weathering Technology Foundation or its affiliated companies, officers or employees
②Links from sites that would or might damage the reputation or standing of Suga Weathering Technology Foundation, such as sites that infringe against public order or decency
③Links from sites that could damage the clarity of the site, such as frame links
④Links that would or might create the mistaken impression that there is a relationship of collaboration or cooperation with Suga Weathering Technology Foundation, that Suga Weathering Technology Foundation approves of or supports the website linked to the site,
⑤Even if it has previously accepted a link, Suga Weathering Technology Foundation may require the deletion of links from sites in the above categories or sites that are otherwise regarded as unsuitable.


(1)Suga Weathering Technology Foundation makes all possible efforts to ensure that information provided on the site is up-to-date. However, no warranty is provided whatsoever with regard to accuracy, safety or correctness of the information. Suga Weathering Technology Foundation will accept no liability whatsoever in respect of damages suffered through the use of the information, through inability to use the information, or as a consequence of the use of the information.
(2)The information, data and other content of the site is subject to change without prior notice. Operation of the site may be terminated or suspended. Suga Weathering Technology Foundation will accept no liability whatsoever in respect of damages suffered due to changes to the information or the termination of suspension of the operation of the site.

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